Blockx Fractional Property FAQs

Fractional explained

What is the difference between Fractional and Single owned property?

Blockx Fractional – Why and who?

Why Fractional Ownership?

We understand that many individuals dream of owning property in one of the new developments across The Gambia but may face financial constraints. That’s where Blockx Fractional comes in. By offering fractional ownership, we provide a flexible and affordable way for individuals to invest in premium properties without the hefty price tag.

Who Are We?

Led by Joop Logger, Blockx Fractional is developed by Gamrealty, an established name in The Gambia’s real estate sector. With our extensive expertise and local knowledge, we bring a wealth of experience to the fractional ownership model. Joop Logger is a Dutch-born national working and living on the Smiling Coast since 2013.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make property ownership accessible to everyone. Through our innovative sales formula, we empower individuals to become co-owners of luxurious properties in Gambia’s sought-after locations, transforming the dream of property ownership into a reality.

Which type of ownership is this?

This is real and legal ownership and the main difference with timeshares.

Blockx Fractional Ltd. owns each property that is offered with fractional ownership. When you purchase a fraction of a property through Blockx Fractional Ltd., you’ll receive a Fraction Holder Agreement.

This agreement will be certified by the Gambia Ministry of Justice to secure legal ownership.

In this agreement, Blockx Fractional Ltd. is designated as the ‘fraction selling’ party, while you, as the buyer, are the ‘fraction buying’ party. This structure allows us to maintain full control over the management of fractional properties and ensures quality property and rental management plus clarity and transparency for all parties involved.

How is this different from ‘timeshares’?

Fractional ownership makes you an owner of the real estate asset. The investor owns part of the title rather than units of time. If the asset increases in value, the value of the fraction in the investment does as well.

With most timeshares, you just have the right to use a facility during a fixed amount of time and specific dates of the year, but you are not the legal owner of the property.

As a foreigner, can I buy a property in The Gambia?

Any foreigner has the right to own properties and corporate shares in The Gambia. We will also provide you with general information about the tax implications of holding an asset internationally. Nevertheless, due to variations in tax laws, we suggest you consult and seek personal tax advice.

Steps to purchase a fraction of a property?

Secure your ownership stake in a property by reserving one or more fractions using our Fraction Reservation Form. (click the link for more info)

At Blockx Fractional, we uphold fairness and transparency in our property purchasing process through our reservation system. Our approach operates on a “first come, first served” basis, where the initial reservations for the available fractions of a property are prioritized for purchase.

Upon reserving all fractions for a specific property, we will notify you to proceed to the next step, which involves securing your reservation with a deposit. This deposit typically amounts to 30% of the value of the reserved fraction. Following this, we will provide you with the necessary purchasing and operating contract.

Subsequently, you can adhere to the payment plan tailored to the specific property fraction you’ve reserved.


What is the Blockx Reservation Fee?

As part of the reservation process for purchasing one or more fractions in a property through Blockx Fractional Ownership, a refundable reservation fee of $150 per fraction will be charged. This fee serves to secure your interest in the property and initiate the purchasing process.

If the fractions for the property are not fully sold within a pre-sale period, Blockx will refund the reservation fee, deducting an administration cost of $25 per fraction. This administration cost covers the processing and management expenses associated with the reservation process.

Please note that the reservation fee is refundable only if the property Fractions are not sold within the pre-sale period. Once the property Fractions are fully sold and a Fraction reservation is awarded, it signifies progression to the next level of the purchase process and the reservation fee will no longer be refundable.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any further questions or require clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How different is the purchasing process from a standard property purchase?

The paperwork and legal process is similar to a standard home purchase. We transfer you the ownership of the home through a Fraction Holder Agreement. Because we take care of dealing with the lawyers, paying local taxes, etc. it should feel smoother and faster than a regular buy.

The whole process is transparent and the documentation is available to the buyers through their personal Blockx Account at any time.

How is this different from Tenancy in Common?

Fractional ownership with Blockx is structured through an LTD. Buyers become legal owners of fractions in LTD-owned properties through Fraction Holder Agreements. This structure provides owners with protection, privacy, flexibility and stress-free ownership and Blockx to fully manage fractional properties. A Tenancy in Common is a specific type of ownership format with deeded ownership for each partial individual owner.

What is a Fraction Holder Agreement?

When investing in a property with Blockx Fractional, Blockx Fractional Ltd. acts as the buying party for each property offered as fractional ownership. When you purchase a fraction of a property through Blockx Fractional Ltd., you’ll receive a Fraction Holder Agreement.

This agreement will be certified by the Gambia Ministry of Justice to secure legal ownership.

In this agreement, Blockx Fractional Ltd. is designated as the ‘fraction selling’ party, while you, as the buyer, are the ‘fraction buying’ party. This structure allows us to maintain full control over the management of fractional properties and ensures clarity and transparency for all parties involved.

Why are fractional property prices higher than developer’s rates?

The pricing structure of fractional properties offered by Blockx reflects several factors that contribute to the value and convenience of fractional ownership. When you purchase a fraction through Blockx, you’re not just buying a share of the property; you’re also gaining access to a hassle-free ownership experience with added benefits and services.

Here’s why the price may be higher than the developer’s asking price:

  1. Legal and Administrative Costs: Blockx handles all legal and administrative aspects of fractional ownership, including drafting contracts, managing reservations, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. These costs are incorporated into the price to ensure a smooth and secure transaction process.
  2. Complete Furnishing and Equipping: Blockx takes care of the complete furnishing and equipping of each property, ensuring that owners can enjoy a fully furnished and equipped living space from day one. This upfront investment in furnishing and equipping is included in the price of fractional properties.
  3. Exclusive Usage Rights: Fractional owners enjoy exclusive usage rights to their property for a specified period each year. This guarantees them access to the property for personal use or rental income generation, adding to the overall value of their investment.
  4. Value-added Services: Blockx provides a range of value-added services to fractional owners, including property management, maintenance, rental assistance, and concierge services. These services enhance the overall ownership experience but come at an additional cost, which is partly factored into the buying price of fractional properties.

Overall, while the initial price of fractional properties may be higher than the developer’s asking price, the added benefits, services, and conveniences provided by Blockx make it a valuable investment opportunity for those seeking hassle-free ownership in The Gambia.

Financial and Legal Matters

Ownership and Usage

How about the usage and charging of utilities

During the Fraction holder’s stay, electricity and water usage will be charged based on meter readings, as each property is equipped with its own cash power meter. The complex also features a standby generator, to which each apartment is linked. After each stay, you will receive an invoice reflecting your consumption, including metered water usage.

Usage for third-party rentals will not incur additional charges, as such consumption is factored into the rental price. 

When can I book my home and for how long?

As a general rule, the home will be reserved for maintenance for a total of 30 days per year. These 30 days may also include special dates covering Christmas and New Year’s Eve, in which, due to the high demand, the home could be rented out to off-set part of or the total of the maintenance costs of the property.

In order to set up a fair system to all the owners and depending on the number of shares you own, there will be controls with the number of days you can use your home consecutively. The limit on the total number of days you can book it will differ by property and time of the year.

How do I book?

You can select the weeks of the year you want to stay and reserve through the online Blockx booking system, it’s that simple. Your booking period will be then blocked in the booking calendar and the booking specifics will be stored in your secure Blockx Account so you always have access to the reservation(s).

Your booking will also be confirmed by email.

How are special dates and high seasons distributed among owners?

Each fraction grants weeks off exclusive annual usage and high season is distributed equally among owners and according to the number of shares each owns.

You book time using the Blockx Booking system. It’s easy to use and equitable for owners, based on the number of fractions/shares you own. A rotating usage schedule is implemented that allocates specific periods (such as holidays or peak seasons) to each fractional owner on a fair and equitable basis.

How do I schedule time to stay at my apartment?

You will book your time using our Booking Platform and through our support team. You book an amount of time based on the number of shares you own. You will be able to book in advance and last minute depending on availability.

Once booked you’re free to decide if using your property or to rent it out, and profit from it. You can do both things through our platform, and we’re more than happy to do it with you onboard you personally on all of them.

I may not be able to stay, can I rent it?

Yes, you can. If you are not able to stay during your booked time we rent the property for you, and that income is yours.

Property details and Amenities

Who does the property management?

The project developer oversees all aspects of the property management. We ultimately control the quality and ensure that the property will be in perfect condition every time you stay. That includes any upkeep, repairing, landscaping, tree trimming, gutter cleaning and pool maintenance, through locally hired professionals.

Sometimes, the developer may rely on vetted third-party property management providers.

Who furnishes the property?

The property developer or owner will furnish the apartment. They work with interior designers who decorate and furnish the home focusing on creating comfortable, charming and practical surroundings with modern and minimalistic finishes. Each home is well-appointed with everything you need to enjoy, work, relax and play.

Is the kitchen fully equipped?

Yes, the kitchen in each Blockx fractional property will be fully equipped with all essential appliances, cookware, cutlery, dinnerware, and other necessities. We ensure that you have everything you need in case you like to prepare and enjoy meals during your stay.

What can I expect from the interior design of the property?

The interiors of the property will be meticulously curated by the developer or Blockx and our interior design partner with the co-owners in mind. We aim to create a timeless yet cosy and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring an enjoyable stay during exclusive usages. Our focus is on designing spaces that reflect both luxury and practicality, catering to the preferences and comfort of our fractional owners.

Interior images shown in the property listings on the website in the period before concrete works are finished are for impression purposes only.

What if another owner damages the property?

Properties are inspected after each stay. Any damages beyond regular wear and tear are charged to the owner who was using the home at the time.

What happens if the property gets damaged during a renting?

As property rental managers taking care of the renting process, we require a deposit from any tenant of the home. Therefore any unexpected damage will be covered with that deposit.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, they are allowed. Some of our properties are located in gated communities with specific rules in place around coexistence with pets, but they are usually allowed as long as they don’t disrupt the rest of the community.

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