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Introducing Blockx Fractional: Revolutionising Real Estate Ownership in The Gambia


The Gambia, May 1st 2024


Blockx Fractional, a pioneering initiative in real estate ownership, is proud to announce its official launch in The Gambia. Spearheaded by Joop Logger, founder of Gamrealty, Blockx Fractional aims to transform the landscape of property ownership by introducing an innovative fractional ownership model that makes property ownership more accessible and financially feasible.


Blockx Fractional offers a unique proposition for both real estate developers and consumers. For developers, partnering with Blockx Fractional presents an opportunity to unlock new revenue streams and accelerate property sales. By offering fractional ownership options, developers can tap into a broader market segment, attract more investors, and expedite the development process.


For consumers, Blockx Fractional offers a viable and economical path to owning Seaview and beachfront property in The Gambia. Through fractional ownership, individuals can own part of a property at a reduced cost, avoiding the large initial financial outlay typically required for whole ownership. This model also allows owners to diversify their property investments and potentially increase their earnings through rental income and appreciation of property value.


Additionally, fractional ownership by Blockx encourages more people to visit The Gambia, increasing tourist spending and significantly contributing to the local economy.


Key features of Blockx Fractional include:


  • Opportunities for fractional ownership in premium properties across The Gambia.
  • Exclusive property usage rights for fractional owners.
  • Fully furnished and equipped properties, ready for immediate occupancy.
  • Comprehensive property management and maintenance.
  • Opportunities for rental returns and capital growth.
  • Flexible investment opportunities with options to purchase, sell, or swap fractional shares.


Joop Logger, the Founder and CEO of Gamrealty, comments on this innovative venture, “We are excited to launch Blockx Fractional in The Gambia. Our mission is to make property ownership within the various project developments along the coast attainable for more people while also supporting the growth of the local real estate market and the wider Gambian economy.”


For further details about Blockx Fractional and its services, please visit



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Blockx Fractional Ltd

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