Blockx Fractional – Why and who?

Blockx Fractional – Why and who?

Blockx Fractional – Why and who?

Why Fractional Ownership?

We understand that many individuals dream of owning property in one of the new developments across The Gambia but may face financial constraints. That’s where Blockx Fractional comes in. By offering fractional ownership, we provide a flexible and affordable way for individuals to invest in premium properties without the hefty price tag.

Who Are We?

Led by Joop Logger, Blockx Fractional is developed by Gamrealty, an established name in The Gambia’s real estate sector. With our extensive expertise and local knowledge, we bring a wealth of experience to the fractional ownership model. Joop Logger is a Dutch-born national working and living on the Smiling Coast since 2013.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make property ownership accessible to everyone. Through our innovative sales formula, we empower individuals to become co-owners of luxurious properties in Gambia’s sought-after locations, transforming the dream of property ownership into a reality.